About Us

Inspired by, and designed, with the female biker in mind, because there is a little Ride or Die in all of us. HawgWilde Cosmetics, unites the worlds of motorcycle enthusiasts and retro glam divas, to bring much needed sparkle and color to an otherwise drab world. This Limited Liability Company will elevate cosmetic necessities for a steady, innovative, and untargeted market share. The growing market share of female riders continues to explode internationally. HWC is here to support the desires for long lasting, fun, vibrant, luxurious colors that are sure to get you noticed and keep you safe on the road!
The HawgWilde concept came about while enjoying a bike ride to San Juan Capistrano with a pit stop at “Cooks Corner”. As one of the founders were admiring some of the custom bikes parked outside, she was inspired with the dream to get those awesome colors on her toenails, knowing that would be the hottest nail paint! As the vision grew these ladies searched out manufacturers that could take an automotive paint, bring it to a cosmetic grade product and remove the seven most toxic chemicals typically found in nail polish. "Accomplished"!
Plans are underway for a high quality, vegan lip line and skin care line that will compliment and endure an outdoor, active lifestyle. All products are fresh, made to order.
HawgWilde strives to keep motorcycle enthusiasts and the like, visible and glamorous with a high quality cosmetic line. HawgWilde is a U.S. Manufactured, natural vegan, cosmetics provider, offering 7-free nail color, with staying power that won’t burnout your wallet.
“Don’t suppress yourself, express yourself"
We are 7 Free, Vegan and Cruelty Free